Build the Project

The contract was awarded to Whitaker Construction and a Pre-Construction meeting was held. A Labor Compliance consultant was hired to ensure compliance with the City’s Labor Compliance Program which is a requirement of the State.

Construction began mid-September and was completed June 2017.  Building a project of this nature requires a considerable amount of coordination, including with the adjacent school, the local neighbors, the County of Santa Barbara, regulatory agencies, and the City of Santa Maria.  A time-lapse photography camera was installed to record the progress of this important project.  See below for the link.

Many agencies are anticipating the value that this project will add in the management of the agricultural Tailwater for years to come.  The potential for this same type of large-scale project to be constructed in other parts of the valley exists, and may provide treatment of Tailwater for even more acres of irrigated farmland.


Jim May Park Biofilter Timelapse